The Names

Just two years after stillbirthday began, reaching families internationally with support prior to, during and after birth in any trimester, stillbirthday also began offering the annual Hearts Release as a way of honoring our babies not alive.  Each year some things have changed over time.

The invitation is open to submit names throughout the year, to be included in the next annual Hearts Release.  Every measure is taken to include as many new families finding us as possible, up to and even during an event.  Currently, we are asking that all name submissions are added in only one of two places:


You can please submit your babies’ names in one of two places only:

–our facebook page in one thread, under the one photo.

–or, our website here, as a comment under the one page for receiving names.


This will help ensure that I am not duplicating names, but even more importantly, it will help as it is a tragic reality that sometimes, sibling groups of babies not alive, grow.  If you’ve submitted your babies’ names but then endured yet another death of another beloved baby, I want to be able to hold all of your children’s names together, and so I pursue searching through the thousands of hearts to find yours.  Searching through the comments in a limited number of places, helps tremendously with that.


You can view our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information pertaining to our babies’ names.

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