FAQ about the Hearts Release:


How did this get started?

I was simply looking for a dignifying way to honor my own baby not alive.  I wanted to steer away from balloon releases and do something that was intentional, deliberate, and honoring, yet also something that was duplicatable, something that other mothers and others within the healing community could be part of, in a way that was sustainable and reasonable.  Stillbirthday began in July of 2011.  The Hearts Release began soon after.


What if I had a miscarriage, and it was too early to know the gender?  Or if I didn’t choose a name?

Family names, dates, number of babies in the sibling group not alive, all can be included.


What if I had an elective abortion?

Every baby not alive can be included in the stillbirthday Hearts Release.  You get to choose a name for your baby, you get to mourn, you get to heal, you get to honor your baby with dignity.


How can I tell you my babies’ names without other people knowing?

This is a frequently asked question.  You aren’t alone.  You can message me privately on facebook, or email me, at


How do I receive confirmation that you’ve added my babies’ names?

I cannot photograph each individual heart for confirmation, and even special requests for certain colors gets very difficult to accommodate, so I address those special requests here on the website.  I do take smaller group photos as I add names and create inspired designs, such as the pink and blue remembrance ribbon.

Within the facebook page, I can offer a “like” confirmation as an expeditious but individual way of acknowledging your submission and notification that I have just completed handwriting your babies’ names onto a heart.  All updates were previously held on our stillbirthday facebook page, but we’ve made a special page exclusively for our Hearts Release.

In our early years, my notification was much more personal for you, and as we’ve grown I do ache for that, but ask that you truly trust me when I say that I promise I care very much about you, and about your babies’ names being included.  Here in this photograph alone, 2,000 families are represented.  These hearts are teeny tiny.  My intention is to spend the time in solitude, reflecting on your babies, the names you’ve chosen for them, and speaking their names aloud as I carefully hand scribe them onto the sweet paper hearts.  I think of them, I regard them, I hold them.  My time is invested in them.  In the overflow of time I might have, I do come back to you to update through this blog and the facebook page.


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