Partner Agreement


As a representative partnering with our event, you will be able to:

  • facilitate an event that allows families to be part of a global recognition of our beloved babies as well as foster an experiential sense of healing and “release” that comes from this event.
  • purchase your own hearts and handwrite babies names onto them.
  • invite through various platforms your community to share their beloved babies’ names with you.
  • access purchasing official merchandise such as tee shirts as available from the stillbirthday Hearts Release.
  • have your event shared on the stillbirthday Hearts Release platform.


As a representative partner with the stillbirthday Hearts Release, you will need to:

  • understand and convey that there is only one official stillbirthday Hearts Release each year, and that you are a partnering representative of the event, giving accurate information, including October’s awareness, the Hearts Release origin and about stillbirthday.
  • respect the earth-friendly nature of the event.  If your event will have things like balloons for decoration, you may not integrate blatantly harmful materials with the hearts in any way (i.e., stuffing the hearts into balloons).
  • respect the earth-friendly nature of the event.  You must leave no trace behind from your event, including popped balloons or any other trash or litter from your event.
  • be a certified stillbirthday doula, or, in training.  All of our certified doulas are listed publicly through this link.
  • mention to your community that you are affiliated with stillbirthday, the original creator of this event, be able to share the history of this event, and that you have earned the privilege of becoming a representing partner in the event, so that we continue to grow together.


If you have shared your babies’ names with an event that purported to hold a Hearts Release but was not actually an official stillbirthday Hearts Release, we will be honored to hold your babies’ names in our official event for you as well.  Please just use our guestbook.

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