The Flowers



The hearts are embedded with wildflower seeds, which contain the following flowers:

Bird’s Eye – Annual
Clarkia – Annual
Black Eyed Susan – Perennial
Catchfly – Annual
Snapdragon – Annual
English Daisy – Perennial
Sweet Alyssum – Annual


The hearts come in a variety of colors.

I have my own system for the ways I handwrite babies’ names onto hearts, but sometimes a family really identifies a particular color with their baby.  Here are some of the colors I utilize.  I move and design and incorporate these colors differently for each event.

If you’d like to ensure that your babies’ names are handwritten onto a particular color, we do run giveaways after each event and your color selection can be counted toward that, as very best as I am able.  In these giveaways I ship two unwritten hearts to an individual who can then handwrite their babies’ names onto them and release them meaningfully.


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The Hearts

Each heart holds the name of a baby or sibling group not alive.


Miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, SUDC, any reason your beloved baby is not alive with you, you are invited to honor your baby by writing his or her name to be included onto a heart.




Add Beloved Babies’ Names Here

Thank you, so much, for the honor of holding your babies’ names.

We all have different stories.  Miscarriage, stillbirth, impossible decisions, SIDS, SUDC, babies whom you haven’t yet named but have a nickname, a number, or a family name for – all babies and children not alive can be included, their names held for the stillbirthday annual Hearts Release.

You can share your beloved babies’ names here.

Please simply use the comments field below. 

I will use this same page to include any links necessary for communications regarding answering any frequently asked questions or updated information that we’ll all need to know.


For the 2018 stillbirthday Hearts Release

Just comment below with your babies’ names.

There are 3 different comment functionalities below: a WordPress standard, a Facebook connection, and a plugin to allow for you to upload a photo if you’d like.  All three work here, so just use one and you will be able to come back and see your comment appear.  From my admin panel, all three streamline into one comments page, so it is very simple for me to keep track and maintain adding each and every name contributed.  Babies’ names can please be added in any of the 3 comment fields below, or, if you prefer, on this post from our facebook page.

(Babies’ names were added in at the very last moments for our 2017 event on this post, from our Hearts Release facebook page, and they also will be handwritten for our 2018 event.)




My name is Heidi Faith, and I am the founder of stillbirthday.  At stillbirthday, we provide free, printable birth plans to mothers and families experiencing birth in any trimester, and in any outcome.  We are also an academic institution, providing a collegiate level certifying program with curriculum to prepare healthcare and other allied professionals as well as interested or bereaved individuals to gain a skill set that enables them to support families enduring the complex devastation of pregnancy and infant loss.


The Hearts Release began as a way of acknowledging babies not alive in a dignifying way.  October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, declared so by President Ronald Reagan with Proclamation 5890, nearly 30 years ago.  October 15 has become known as the day for an International Remembrance and Wave of Light.  Because stillbirthday already has a candle for our logo (the symbolism depicting that a pregnancy loss is still a birth day, still a day that is only the beginning, that the things unseen are still counted, that our babies matter), my heart was to bring something intentional to the international healing community that we all could be positively impacted by, creating location sites that families can visit if they choose, location sites that we can feel are set apart for us.

The purpose of the Heart Release is not centrally that the hearts grow into flowers, though they can.  The purpose is the symbolism that the legacy of our children is not finished yet, that though our children’s lives did not come to fruition in any kind of a way that we as parents, grandparents or loved ones wanted, the legacy of our children manifests simply, gently, softly, by our unending love for them.


The Hearts Release is FREE to participate in by adding your beloved babies’ names.  It is FREE to attend (unless there would ever be a third-party admission at a location, such as things like lodging).  The Hearts Release is funded purely from tuition into our doula program.  Only funds freely given by those who simply feel compelled to give, are received to help ensure funding for further ongoing Hearts Release events, including compensating things like the professional photography involved.


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