Add Beloved Babies’ Names Here

Thank you, so much, for the honor of holding your babies’ names.

We all have different stories.  Miscarriage, stillbirth, impossible decisions, SIDS, SUDC, babies whom you haven’t yet named but have a nickname, a number, or a family name for – all babies and children not alive can be included, their names held for the stillbirthday annual Hearts Release.

You can share your beloved babies’ names here.

Please simply use the comments field below. 

I will use this same page to include any links necessary for communications regarding answering any frequently asked questions or updated information that we’ll all need to know.


For the 2018 stillbirthday Hearts Release

Just comment below with your babies’ names.

There are 3 different comment functionalities below: a WordPress standard, a Facebook connection, and a plugin to allow for you to upload a photo if you’d like.  All three work here, so just use one and you will be able to come back and see your comment appear.  From my admin panel, all three streamline into one comments page, so it is very simple for me to keep track and maintain adding each and every name contributed.  Babies’ names can please be added in any of the 3 comment fields below, or, if you prefer, on this post from our facebook page.

(Babies’ names were added in at the very last moments for our 2017 event on this post, from our Hearts Release facebook page, and they also will be handwritten for our 2018 event.)




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  3. Caroline Edgerton

    Neal Anthony Edgerton
    Savannah Grace Renfro

  4. Misty Brumit

    Angel Melbourne

  5. Melissa Reno

    Peyton renesmee Reno . she was my brothers baby girl. We all lost her the day she was supposed to be born. Her mothers placenta had detached and with peyton being her first child she really didnt know what was going on.

  6. Audra Benschoter

    Tenley Benschoter 💜

  7. Crystal

    Baby Webb x2

  8. Jenny Chandler

    Ambrosia Amore 31 May 2014
    Shiloh 10 November 2014

  9. Jennifer Duhon

    Logan Duhon
    CJ Lemmon

  10. Cynthia Whittemore

    Angel Whittemore
    Noah Paulding Whittemore

  11. Ashley Boren


  12. Amanda Scott

    6 Scott babies

  13. Katrina Bolduc

    Baby Bolduc #2

  14. Nicole Stout

    Stephen Holden Stout

  15. Chantal

    Xiomara Serenity Alison-Konteh

  16. Michelle

    Night Raven Wreath Glashower

    Feel free to modify as needed to fit on the heart ❤. She was born at 7.5 weeks gestation time, into the tub. I held her. Her older sister said hello and goodbye. We miss her & love her!

  17. Michelle

    Baby Hall 2013

  18. Emily Musial

    Dominic Philip William Musial
    Stillborn at 40 weeks on June 20, 2016

  19. Kelley Budinoff

    CJ Budinoff
    Stillborn at 32 weeks

  20. ALK

    Eden Paisley Brown
    Drake Riley Brown

  21. Liz Soucy

    Annabelle Elizabeth Soucy
    Emma Lucille Soucy

  22. Beth

    Jacob Alan Nov 19
    Nolan Alan April 26

  23. Nicole

    8.11.16, baby Y

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