The Hearts Release has a beautiful history.  Here, you can learn more about it, including locations.


2013 – Hot Air Balloon ride, Kansas City

2014 – across Europe, including Swiss Alps, historical markers, atop Eiffel Tower

2015 – Fort Irwin Military Base

2016 – St. Louis Gateway Arch

2017 – post Hurricane Irma

*2017 – the first year we opened representative partner opportunities
*2017 – also the first year I gave a small pouch of plain hearts to attendees so that they could ask their own communities for their babies’ names to be integrated into the main event.
*2017 – also the first year I ran giveaways of plain hearts on the main stillbirthday facebook page after the event, to secure their preferred color for them.  This year 2 hearts was given with a pouch of sand from the 10,000 Islands.

2018 – to be announced

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