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On 10.20.2018, stillbirthday will hold our annual Hearts Release and a special remembrance ceremony to honor 30 years of Proclamation 5890: a national, yearly observance of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness through the month of October.

About the Location

We who are in the healing community have had 30 years of raising national and even global awareness of the devastation that is the grief of Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  As the founder of stillbirthday and as a bereaved mother myself, I desire greatly to pay tribute to and give thanks to the family who made the awareness possible: President Ronald Reagan, who signed Proclamation 5890 as one of his final acts as President.

The legacy of my own deceased son is heard, is validated, is supported, I know I am not alone, because of the legacy of one precious little girl, Christine, who was born and who died much too soon, in the fourth month of pregnancy, forty years before her father, our President, signed Proclamation 5890.

Her legacy is that our babies matter, and quite simply, inherently, so does she.

We will meet, hold vigil, give honor, in the location where dear Christine’s parents wed.


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